Plant Shut-Down Services

Piping Works:

We have a highly qualified, trained and experienced team of engineers with strong expertise in the field of pipeline erection, testing and commissioning. This experience has been accumulated over the years allowing participation in all aspects of pipeline work associated with various projects. We work with major EPC clients in Saudi Arabia for new projects and existing plants with emphasis on quality and safety.


  • Piping Industrial Installations and Processes.
  • Pipeline & Process Piping Erection.
  • RTR Piping.
  • Chemical Cleaning:

    The two major categories of chemical cleaning are pre-operational chemical cleaning—part of pre-commissioning or commissioning activities—and post-operational or maintenance chemical cleaning—part of regular shut down work.

    Pre-operational chemical cleaning is performed to remove any foreign material remaining from the construction activities either on the pipe or system fabrication. Major considerations in the pre-operational phase include mill scale, corrosion products, weld scale, oil, grease, sand, dirt, temporary protective coatings, and other construction debris.

    Post-operational cleaning is performed for a number of reasons, including reduced heat transfer, reduced flow, safety (e.g., H2S, pyrophoric iron, LELs, ammonia, etc.), reduced surface area (e.g., catalyst), access to full inspection, and more. The type and frequency of post-operational cleaning varies with system design, operating requirements, and history of operation and fluid/water treatment.

    Heat Exchanger Maintenance Works:

    Whether light and powdery or heavy and hard, different type of heat exchangers deposits require different approaches in cleaning and maintenance. We offer a complete line of tube expanders and cleaners to meet all of your heat exchanger cleaning needs.

    General Fabrication Works

    Floor Grating Works:

    We manufacture floor gratings of various type and designs. Standard types are:

    Interlock Gratings:

    These type of gratings are manufactured from mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum materials. The load bearing bars are notched and then interlocked with cross bars at very high pressure.

    Interlock Gratings are best suitable for general grated flooring, industrial flooring, rack & shelving and for mezzanine floor decking applications. It is also used for walkways/ light duty trench covers.

    Heavy Duty Welded Gratings:

    Heavy Duty Welded Gratings are designed for floor gratings subjected to heavy dynamic and static loads such as Workshop floors, Loading decks, Cable and Drainage Trench Covers etc. These are manufactured in a wide variety of bar sizes and spacing; and the load conditions can range from light duty forklifts to semi-trucks and trailers carrying maximum allowable highway loads.

    Racks & Shelving:

    Shelving Racks are of different types, i.e., Open Type, Semi Open Type, Closed Type, etc. Besides these three types racks, we are fabricating other different types of racks also such as Heavy Duty Pallet Racks. Storage racks having different load bearing capacity as per demand of the client. Racks having different load bearing capacity in the same rack. We can fabricate any type or any size of rack as per the requirement of the client.

    Safety Handrails:

    We supply Handrails and Stairways designed to meet any site conditions. Steel Handrails and Safety Rails are designed from pipe and structural tubing, constructed from heavy gauge steel to meet OSHA fall-protection requirements. Our handrails are designed to make installation easy and are fabricated from either round pipe or square tubes.

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